Road Rallies

Road Rallies

Here's a wonderful way to celebrate our rolling roadways by loading up your car with passengers and heading into Northumberland's scenic hills for a leisurely drive. You'll need a passenger to give you "turn right" and "turn left" directions. Along the way you'll be answering questions that refer to specific landmarks you'll be passing.

Man on dock looking at peaceful water

Choose a rally below, print the questions, then get your car started and your passenger's pen poised:

Samuel de Champlain - Canada 150 - Rally (74kms) 

West Road Rally (77km)

East Road Rally (85km)

Head for the Hills Road Rally (75km)

Views & Waterways Road Rally (69km)

Some enjoy making these rallies a fun competition (especially car clubs) where you can involve as many cars as you like, having them start at 3 minute intervals. The winner will have correct answers and the shortest travel time.

Lady taking notes looking at double stop signYou can enhance the competition by having a list of items the participants must collect along the way for extra points i.e. oldest dated nickel, bingo dabber, used ticket stub.