Northumberland County's crisp cold air, sparkling new snow, and lengthy well-groomed trails winding through winter woods lends to a perfect tour of Ontario's snowmobiling trails. Enjoy the spectacular scenery, uncongested trails and welcoming accommodations throughout the rolling hills, farmland and countryside. Stretching from the Ganaraska Forest to the Trent-Severn Waterway come and see what the Greenbelt looks like white!

Northumberland is located in Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club District 3 and there are three snowmobile clubs in Northumberland County:

Percy Boom River Rats (705) 653-1560

The Ganaraska Snowmobile Club (905) 983-5099

The Great Pine Ridge Snowmobiling Association (905) 352-2213 

Family Fun Snowmobiling Ideas

  • Using your trail maps allow the kids to help plot the route, points of interest, landmarks and places to stop for breaks. Bring the maps along for the ride and refer to them along the way.
  • Plan a lunch break at a country diner in one of the many small towns along the trail system. This will allow the kids a chance to get out of their snowsuits and warm up with a hearty meal. Bring along some cards or colouring books.
  • Consider a night expedition! Star gazing on clear crisp nights is always intriguing.
  • Roll up some "crazy carpets" to take along on the snowmobile. Look for a good sledding hill to stop for a break and enjoy a different kind of fun in the snow.
  • Make a "things to find" list prior to heading out and turn the trip into a scavenger hunt. This keeps the little ones on the back occupied. Include such things as farm animals, bunny tracks, bridges, a nest, or a deer. Be creative. Review the findings when you stop for a rest.
  • Have the children bring along some bird seed or a suet bag and search out the perfect place for a birdie buffet. You'll delight the kids and the birds.
  • Bring along a GPS unit and geocache in the snow.
  • Don't forget your camera. 

Accommodations near the trails:

Windswept Hastings House B&B HastingsWindswept Emilyville Inn Campbellford 
Windswept on the Trent Trent HillsGolden Beach Resort Rice Lake, Roseneath 
Bewdley Cottage Resort BewdleyThe Water's Edge Inn Campbellford 

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